Aga Jasutowicz

Ashtanga Yoga Teacher

My yoga journey began about 12 years ago. Yoga has changed my life completely and my intention is to share this practice with others so they can discover the transformative power of it for themselves.

I spent three months studying with R. Sharath Jois at the Sri K Pattabhi Jois Ashtanga Yoga Institute in Mysore, India(2008-2014). I have studied and practiced with numerous leading yoga teachers, I completed two Ashtanga Yoga Teacher Trainings, with David Swenson and with Basia Lipska Larsen, both direct students of Sri K. Pattabhi Jois. I am a disciple of Sri Mooji who is a direct disciple of Sri Harilal Poonja (Papaji), the renowned advaita vedanta master.

I have been teaching yoga since 2008. In 2013 I set up Ashtanga Yoga Manchester, a dedicated ashtanga yoga studio in Manchester, UK.

I love hiking and everything to do with nature. I live in Manchester with my husband and our daughter Maria. We love gardening and over the last few years we have been growing veges and flowers in our little garden. I work in collaboration with my husband who is an artist (Tankpetrol). I support his projects with my photography, stylist and web design skills. I’ve recently started painting myself and I enjoy it very much.

“You already are, the peace you are looking for. Be still and know that” Mooji


Ashtanga Yoga Teacher Trainings: with Basia Lipska Larsen (2007), with David Swenson (2008)

Study at K. Pattabhi Jois Ashtanga Yoga Institute in Mysore, India: July & August 2008, October 2014,

Weekend Yoga Workshops: David Williams (2009), Nancy Gilgoff (2009), Hamish Henry (2009), Danny Paradise (2010), David Swenson (2010), Basia Lipska (Oslo, Jan 2011, Mar 2011), Mathew Swenney (2011), Donna Southwell & Joey Milles (2014), Ray Long (2015),

Spiritual Retreats with Sri Mooji, an Advaita Vedanta master: 7 days silent retreat in Zmar, Portugal (May 2015 and May 2016, May 2017),  Weekend Intensive in London (July 2016), World Yoga Festival (3 days of satsangs with Mooji and Rupert Spira, July 2016), 10 Days advance silent retreat at Monte Sahaja Ashram in Portugal (August 2017)

Four days shamanic retreats in UK – May 2011, August 2012, September & October 2013

Hayley Moses Walsh

Ashtanga Yoga Teacher

My Ashtanga Yoga journey began with Aga Jasutowicz back in 2013. Over the past five years I have been on a great journey with this practice.

I have been assisting Aga in Mysore style classes since spring 2017 and most recently at her retreat in the Lake District 2018. Aga is a great teacher and friend, and I have much gratitude and love for her continued support, friendship and guidance with my journey, both as a student and teacher.

I started practicing therapeutic yoga with Jane Cragg in 2017. Further exploring yoga through the tools of asana, pranayama, mantra and the study of Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras.

Both my practice and teaching journey are continuously unfolding. For me there is no end goal, and I hope to always be a student, sharing what I learn along the way.

In my free time I like to be outside, if the sun is shining it makes me even happier! Family is a great source of joy in my life and I enjoy being with them a lot! Especially the newest member my little niece Olive Grace.

Teacher Training
18month Yoga Teacher Training Diploma with Yoga Campus
(accredited by IYN, RYS 200hrs Yoga Alliance) — June 2018
Teacher Training with David Swenson — July 2018
Teacher Training with Mañju Pattabhi Jois — September 2017

Workshops & Intensives
David Swenson — July 2018
Jane Craggs — August 2018
Philiper Asher — October 2017

Lake District 4-day retreat with Aga — May 2018
Poland 7 day retreat with Aga – August 2017
Lake District 3-day retreat with Aga — May 2017

Spiritual Retreats
Mooji London Satsang — July 2018
Mooji, 7-day silent retreat — September 2018

Mandy Mills

Ashtanga Yoga Teacher

My relationship with yoga started in 1998, its now years later, that I realise turning up for that first yoga class was one of the best decisions I have ever made! Hooked straight away, I explored many styles including Hatha, Ashtanga and Vinyasa Flow.

In 2002, following a life changing trip to South East Asia, I retrained to become a complementary holistic therapist. A natural step for me was to combine my passion for wellbeing and yoga to go on to train to teach yoga.

I completed the Yoga Alliance 200 hr Hatha Yoga Teacher Training certificate with SYT Barry Todd in 2013 and the following year went on to complete a further 200 hour Yoga Alliance Ashtanga teaching certificate with Union Yoga under the tutelage of Brian Cooper and Nichi Green. I have also completed teacher training with David Swenson and Manju Pattabhi Jois. I have been fortunate to have practiced with many famous teachers and also not so famous, all of whom have helped to illuminate my path.

A student of Aga’s since 2013, who enhanced and progressed my own personal practice to a deeply spiritual one, I am ever grateful to for her sharing the gift of Ashtanga yoga which went on to change my life in ways I could have only imagined.

I feel blessed and truly grateful to share its vast array of benefits and am committed to continue to study and practice for the rest of my life.

Mark Janson

Ashtanga Yoga Teacher

My yoga journey began in 2015 at a challenging time in my life. On beginning a regular practice it connected with me deeply. The movement, breath, energy and strength of focus needed to bring all those elements together into one meditative flow was immensely challenging but also totally compelling.

Yoga re-ignited my passion for movement and how the discipline of physical practice can translate to a life of greater awareness, strength, gratitude and compassion off the mat. It also supported me to process and heal through those challenging times.

Today yoga gives me a new lens through which to look at the world. The confidence and strength to live more inline with my own values and the understanding that flexibility, strength and balance are not just physical aspects but mental, emotional and spiritual.

I’ve been happy in movement my whole life participating in many disciplines including basketball, athletics, biathlon, skateboarding, snowboarding, Wing Chun Kung Fu and climbing. Alongside yoga I also practice gymnastics strength training, callisthenics and enjoy exploring dynamic and fluid ways of movement. All of which continue to influence my education of the body, movement practice and teaching.

I have been studying and practicing Ashtanga Yoga with Aga Jasutowicz for 3 years. I also attend classes with KPJAYI level 2 authorised teacher Donna Southwell and weekend workshops to deepen my own practice with senior teachers including Donna Southwell (2016) David Williams (2017) and Andres Felipe Salas (handstand artist) 2018.

My teacher training is with Emma Lloyd who’s lifelong depth of yoga knowledge is influenced by Iyengar and Satyananda Yoga disciplines and focused on precision, detail and anatomical alignment in posture work and traditional techniques in pranayama, relaxation, meditation, chanting and philosophy.

Yoga meets you wherever you are, young, old, healthy, unhealthy, and can have a profoundly positive impact on your life. This inspires me and I’m inspired to share my experience with others wishing to improve their lives through Yoga.


Yoga Teacher Training 500 with Emma Lloyd Accreditation ‘Independent Yoga Network’ 2017
Yoga Anatomy for TT 500 David Keil 2018
The Science and Practice of Yoga 20 University of Texas Arlington / EdX, 2017
Yoga Foundation Course 60 Accreditation ‘British Wheel of Yoga’ 2016
Emergency First Aid Certificate 2018
Member of ‘Independent Yoga Network’

Insurance with BGI. Policy number IYNP/JANSMA1/17

Neila Drabble

Ashtanga Yoga Teacher

Movement was a major aspect of my early life having taken up gymnastics and ballet from the age of 2 so it was natural that the dynamic flow of Pattabhi Jois’s approach appealed to me. I first started learning ashtanga from a Richard Freeman dvd and fell in love with the practice. It is 5 years since I started learning and the more I practice the more I realise it’s meditative quality. The beauty of these sequences in a Mysore style class is that you can practice independently at a level and pace appropriate to you, drawing energy from the group while receiving individualised adjustments from the teacher. There is enough challenge to motivate all of us to keep coming back to the mat.

I took my practice to the next level in 2015 attending a 2 week retreat with Mark Robberbs and Laruga Glaser as well as going to Kino Mcgreggor’s workshop. It is during these intensive practices where the real transformation occurs.

Since then I have visited Mysore every year to deepen my practice, first at KPJAYI under Saraswati and then under my other teachers, M.C. Chidananda and Vijay Kumar. I completed my teacher training in ashtanga with my teacher and have assisted in his shala in Mysore. As my teacher says, it is the desire to help others that makes you a great a teacher and this is the quality I wish to take forward into my teaching. It is with great pleasure to be teaching with Aga, at Ashtanga Yoga Manchester where I am delighted to share my passion for the practice with you all.

Aside from yoga, I completed my BA(hons) in flute performance at Leeds College of Music in 2012 and teach flute and piano to students in South Manchester.

Training and practice:

Workshops: Kino Mcgreggor (Sept 2015)

Retreats: Mark Robberbs and Laruga Glaser, Purple Valley, Goa, India (January 2016)
5 & 6 day Silent meditation retreat in Ajan Chah Buddhist forest tradition, Amaravathi, Hampshire (June 2016 & Dec 2016)

UK Mysore practice under ashtanga teachers:
Mike McCabe, Matt Ryan, Joey Miles and Donna Southwell

Mysore, India
KPJAYI Saraswathi Jois – primary series and Sanskrit chanting (August 2016)
SaChidananda – primary series and pranayama (July/August 2017)
SaChidananda – primary and second series (February/March 2018)
Vijay Kumar – primary, second and advanced A series, pranayama, yoga sutras (November-March 2018-19)
Teacher training and assisting with Vijay Kumar (February/March 2019)

Victor Secco

Ashtanga Yoga Teacher

My first contact with ashtanga yoga was in 2004 while growing up in my native Brazil. Since then, I have brought my mat and practice with me everywhere that life has taken me—India, Italy, Spain, Thailand, Indonesia and now the United Kingdom.

I have ever since studied the philosophy and theory of yoga, first at The Yoga Institute in Mumbai in 2005. Later at university, I undertook courses on classical Indian literature and philosophy (2008-2010). More recently, in 2016, I completed a Teacher Training program in ashtanga yoga at Yoga Inbound Barcelona, recognised by the Yoga Alliance International. Upon moving to Manchester for university studies in 2016, I started practicing with Aga and have assisted with her classes for a year now.

Other than yoga, a lot of my time goes towards working on a research project about water, health, and knowledge in India. As an anthropology student, I have a deep interest in human culture and its bodily expressions, which yoga is a perfect match.

And above all I love passing on the practice of yoga!