Mysore Style Yoga Practice, Pranayama and Chanting

Saturday 10:00am – 1:00pm  DATE 29/1/2022
TEACHER: Neila Drabble

This 3 hours session, taking place every last Saturday of the month, is ideal for everyone already familiar with ashtanga practice, who wishes to deepen their practice in the traditional way, as practised and taught in Mysore, India. There is an hour of chanting and pranayama at the beginning of the session following by two hours of mysore style yoga practice.

This session is suitable for those who have experience of doing ashtanga yoga within a guided led class setting and for advanced students who have practised Mysore self-practice and want to progress through the 1st or 2nd series. It is not suitable for absolute beginners or those who have not practiced ashtanga yoga before. You do not have to have any prior experience of Mysore or have already memorised the sequence of postures. It is the job of the teacher to help you commit the sequence to memory.

Part 1 (1 hour) Chanting and Pranayama

Chanting – Imagine the beautiful energy created when reciting Sanskrit chants together in a group. Chanting a Sanskrit prayer helps to bring a bit of bhakti, devotion, into our practice and feel a connection to a long-aged tradition that goes beyond ourselves. This allows a sense of self surrender to become humble to receive the teachings without the ego getting in the way.

You will learn an opening prayer often chanted in Ashtanga Yoga, taught in the traditional way by call and response with phrases broken down to help you pronounce the words.

Part 2 (2 hours) Mysore Self practice

For those new to this style of practice you will explore the first standing postures, an introduction to the first few seated postures and some of the finishing sequence and experience how the Ashtanga Mysore self practice method works. More advanced students are also welcome to practice 1st or 2nd series with the opportunity to progress further when ready.

Emphasis will be placed on tristhana: the correct position of the physical body, the breath and dristhi (gazing point), for Surya Namaskara and each asana (posture). The workshop will be taught in such a way you will know what to expect when you come to a Mysore class and you will have a taste of this empowering style of learning. There will also be time and space to ask any questions you may have.

Cost of 3 hours session – £25

Saturday 10:00am – 1:00pm
DATE 29/1/2022


Mysore, Pranayama, Chanting 29 Jan 2022 10am


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We are based on the first floor: Lincoln Room 1 (first room on the left)

IMPORTANT – Entrance to the building after 6pm is now from the side door on Dale Street which is just around the corner. Please use the intercom to enter. Call 07447799373 (Aga) if you have any questions re entering the building on arrival. Thanks!