Self-Practice is what yoga is all about. For thousands of years Yoga, has been taught from teacher to student on a one-to-one basis taking a student through his or her own development at an appropriate pace. The father of Ashtanga yoga, the late Sri Krishna Pattabhi Jois, taught classes in Mysore, India for many decades, hence the name ‘Mysore-style’.

In Mysore-style classes, each student practices the Ashtanga system at their own pace, with individual instruction and hands-on adjustments by the teacher. Poses are added gradually to ensure a safe yet challenging experience. Students new to Ashtanga are not expected to know the sequence. It is an all-levels class and beginners are welcome (we advise beginners to attend our 6 weeks introduction course first). Poses will be added gradually according to ability and commitment. This allows for a deeper connection to develop between teacher, student, and the practice. As a new student, one is introduced to postures one at a time. An on-going student finds an opportunity to refine the practice and gain the ability to move efficiently through the practice without being led verbally by a teacher.

Don’t Worry!! This is NOT a 3 hour class. Please ARRIVE AT ANY TIME during the time slot and LEAVE WHENEVER NECESSARY, or whenever your own practice is complete.


  • The teacher may offer additions to or corrections of the postures and the vinyasa.
  • The teacher may stop the student’s practice if the teacher feels the student cannot proceed safely to the next asana, at which point the student moves to closing postures.
  • Modifications are allowed and offered at the discretion of the teacher.
  • Make sure the teacher knows about specific injuries or special medical conditions.
  • Bring a small hand towel and try to have everything you need at your mat.
  • Don’t eat before class.
  • Do not hydrate during the class, consuming water during class decreases the internal heat the the practice is meant to generate.


If you are new to the Mysore style ashtanga yoga practice we advise you to sigh up to one of our 6 weeks absolute beginners introductory courses where we slowly introduce students to the practice, background and philosophy of Ashtanga Yoga. After completing one of our course students are well prepared to attend all our self practice Mysore Style Ashtanga Yoga classes and they are ready to do 30 min long self yoga practice at home.  Those courses are open to everyone – the only requirement is a willingness to learn. More info and bookings here.